Discover your freedom and confidence to live the authentic life of your dreams inspired by the ocean

Swimming 12K at the Swim&Run in Cologne 2019

24h Swim Münster Day & Night 2019

Swimming the river Dart 10K in 2019

I live the passion for the sea and water sports.

Especially swimming in the open water is an inspiration and encouragement to me.

It helps to build self-confidence and definitely has healing power.

I am therefore looking forward to participate in the river Dart swim and raise money for Level water.

Just as swimming plays a big role in my life, I want to share the positive effect, the magic of swimming with those who weren’t so fortunate. That's why I want to support children with disabilities, to help them to discover the magic of swimming.

So that they can experience and discover the positive and healing aspects of being in the water.

If you want to support me to raise money for Level water, go to:

Swimming the English Channel in 2020

The first step of a dream that I have for many years is done.

I booked my slot to swim the English Channel in September 2020.

The attempt to fulfill this dream is a big step for me because I am not a competitive swimmer or have been practicing endurance sports in the past.

But I love being in the water, it gives me a feeling of lightness and inspires me every day.

I take on this challenge because life is an adventurous journey and this is my journey to leave the comfort zone, to challenge myself.

This is a journey to deal with the past, the limiting belief system of fears and doubts, a journey to grow and evolve in life.

Life is a journey to the authentic self, to the dreams deep down in your heart.

So go with me on this journey, join me in the water, in the ocean of life.

„What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.“

(Henry David Thoreau)